Building and House Renovations in Penrith | Your Guide to Planning Permission

When planning building work in Penrith or Cumbria, your project might well need approval. There are certain restrictions in place to prevent unlawful development while allowing property owners to work on their homes. With 25 years of experience, our house builders have a complete understanding of these requirements and advise on each job. Every aspect of construction is subject to controls, including house extensions, barn conversions and new builds. Even some house renovations need approval.

The best way to understand the specifics of your project is to contact our builders. We’re always happy to discuss individual needs and offer home visits for the most accurate advice and quotations.

We understand that planning permission can be tricky to get your head around, that’s why our house builders have provided a guide to some of the key points you should know.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission is the consent of your local authority to carry out a proposed building project. It exists to prevent unlawful or inappropriate development. As such, permission is normally needed for new builds and extensive changes to existing buildings. This includes some house renovations and barn conversions.

However, a wide number of domestic projects in Penrith do not require planning permission as long as they fall within certain criteria. This is known as permitted development and covers the majority of house extensions as well as more minor alterations and renovations.

Does planning permission expire?

Unless stated otherwise, you have three years to begin building once you have consent. To ensure enough time for proper planning, we advise architects and builders start working on designs as soon as possible.

L J Renvoize Building is experienced in providing full management from design to completion. That’s why homeowners in Penrith trust us to deliver services on time and to schedule.

Do I need planning permission?

This completely depends on your project. New builds and larger house extensions will normally need consent. But if you’re planning a simple extension or house renovations, work is likely to be covered by permitted development.

You can contact your local authority for more details or talk to our house builders.

When undertaking work in Penrith and the surrounding areas, we make sure all necessary approvals are in place. This includes building regulations approval as well as planning permission.

One of the benefits of choosing L J Renvoize for domestic building services, including barn conversions, is that we fill out and submit applications on your behalf, taking the stress out of construction.

For expert advice on house renovations, extensions, conversions and new builds in Penrith and the surrounding areas, call L J Renvoize on 07990 502385.